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LIFX Color 1000 smart bulb

 LIFX Color 1000At just £59, the LIFX smart bulb represents great value when compared with more expensive LED panels and standard bulbs. Not only can it give you warm to cool whites: (2500K – 9000K), it also offers over 1000 colours so whether you are looking for that daylight colour boost or any particular colour or mood for your shot; just hook up a couple of LIFX Color 1000 bulbs and within seconds you can set your scene. The Color 1000 is the brightest, easiest, most versatile, energy efficient LED light bulb.

Kris Graves is a photographer and Studio Manager at Guggenheim Museum, New York. Kris has worked with clients such as GAP, Google, MTV, Samsung, Sony Music and Nike and is now regularly using the LIFX bulb in his work.

LIFX Color 1000LIFX Color 1000

Kris stated, “These two photographs were taken as soon as my LIFX bulbs arrived. My cousin Daina needed a headshot and we decided to play around. We powered the bulbs, downloaded the app onto my phone, and within five minutes we were shooting. I sat on the stool and surrounded myself with three bulbs and one behind for the background. She then chose the colors she wanted to be in with me as a model, we then switched places and I made these (right). The color intensity is far superior to competing bulbs that I have used in the past.”

More info on the LIFX Color 1000:

LIFX Color 1000The LIFX (www.lifx.comColor 1000 smart lightbulb gives you the power to choose colours, create your favourite scenes and use schedules to set your ideal lighting automatically. The new smaller A19 sized Color 1000 will fit in more light fixtures while maintaining its position as the most bright (1055 lumens) and also most energy efficient smart bulb in the connected home space.

You can now talk to your LIFX Color 1000, thanks to Cortana (Windows 10) and Alexa (Amazon Echo). You can ask it to brighten up when your hands are full or fill the room with your favourite evening colours. It is also fully compatible with Nest, automatically working together to help safe energy, get comfortable and stay safe.

With built in Wi-Fi, the LIFX Color 1000 is simple to install, always enabled, and ready to provide a full connected home experience.

Monitor motion, moisture and events around your home. Secure your house while on vacation. Automatically control your lights while listening to music or staying in for a movie night. £59.99 from Amazon.co.uk, Curry’s PC World & John Lewis.


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